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Studies Show Chiropractic Improves Sports Performance and Strength

Runner imageIf you’re an athlete, no matter how young or old, it would be wise to consider adding chiropractic care to your training regimen since a multitude of studies have shown that it can help your performance.

Almost all professional athletes use chiropractic to improve their performance and to help prevent injuries. In fact, every NFL team has at least one Doctor of Chiropractic on their staff. In addition, there were 18 chiropractors who accompanied U.S. athletes to the 2016 Olympics and were part of the U.S Olympic healthcare staff.

However, the care that these athletes receive is not solely related to treating injuries. There is much emerging science aimed at looking at how chiropractic can improve an athletes abilities and performance.  For instance, a recent study reported on in the Journal of Chiropractic Education found that chiropractic adjustments can significantly improve an athlete’s strength after just one chiropractic adjustment. The researchers involved in the study hypothesize that the strength findings are due to increases in cortical drive (the brain is able to control muscles with more efficiency). The study also found that the athletes also had a decrease in fatigue.

In another study published in 2015 in the journal, Experimental Brain Research, athletes had a 16% increase in leg muscle strength following chiropractic care. The scientist performing this study also said that they believed that chiropractic adjustments improved the way the brain controls the muscles.

These types of findings are not new to chiropractic research, but now, with certain advanced technologies, scientists can look at the deeper connections that occur between the brain, the spinal cord and the rest of the body. One such relationship exists between sensors in the spinal joints, called mechanoreceptors, and how stimulating these sensors with chiropractic adjustments can have a profoundly positive effects on the body.

According to Dr. Christopher Kawa, a wellness consultant and one of only a few chiropractors in Brick NJ who specialize in sports performance,”Spinal joint malfunction can cause a disruption in the way mechanoreceptors tell the brain what is happening in the spine. This can lead to weakness and incoordination in athletes and non-athletes alike.”

Therefore, it is wise for anyone seeking to maintain their strength and coordination to see a chiropractor so that the doctor can check to see if the spinal vertebrae are moving properly and in their normal alignment. Dr. Kawa is an expert at locating and correcting spinal malfunction and allowing the body to function correctly.

Contact us today for your no-cost consultation so that you can sit down with Dr. Kawa and discuss your present situation and your future health goals. He will let you know if he thinks chiropractic care would benefit you. Call now at 732-920-8844.

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