Knee Pain in Brick

Knee Pain in Brick NJ

How To Save Your Knees (And Other Joints)

Dr. Kawa has been in practice as a chiropractor in Brick, New Jersey for over 27 years and he can’t help but marvel over how many people he has seen that have knee pain; and in the 50 and over population, the rate is at least 75%. According to Dr. Kawa, “Many have pain in both knees and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to patients describe their “bone on bone” arthritis situation. It’s really sad.”

Most people mistakenly think, however, that knee pain occurs due to aging. But that is not the case. Of course, the older you get, the better chance that you will have an arthritic knee, but that doesn’t mean that age is THE cause. Think about it…If aging caused arthritis or painful joints, then every one of the joints in your body should hurt; since they’re all the same age.

So if age is not the culprit, then what is?
There are several “mechanisms” by which people develop knee pain. Most of them have to do the way the femur sits atop the larger of the two lower leg bones, the tibia. Due to faulty movement patterns in the feet, hips and pelvis, the knee bones often do not line up or move properly upon one another and an uneven “wear and tear” phenomenon occurs.

The best and probably the most prevalent example of this is caused by foot pronation. This occurs when your feet turn out slightly when you walk which causes an inward turning of the ankle. The tibia and fibula will then turn inward on each step and this will cause an abnormal grinding of the cushion between these bones by the femur. This is why the vast majority of adults should be wearing custom-made orthotics in their shoes to prevent pronation. This alone would probably cut the knee surgery rate in half.

Foot pronation, combined with pelvic un-leveling, hip joint restriction and old injuries contribute to the other mechanisms. Dr. Kawa is uniquely qualified to treat these conditions. He is an expert at finding problems with the pelvis, hips and feet. By finding and fixing any abnormal motion patterns in these joints, Dr. Kawa has helped thousands of his patients walk pain free again.
Also, specialized exercises are required to strengthen the muscles that support the knee. For instance, at Discover Chiropractic, Dr. Kawa uses a Whole Body Vibration (WBV) plate to help his patients with knee pain strengthen the supporting muscles of the knee. The WBV machine is a favorite among Dr. Kawa’s patients.

Knee Pain and Arthritis
In addition, if you have knee pain and arthritis, Dr. Kawa recommends taking type II (un-denatured) collagen. Recent studies are showing that it can prevent the immune system from attacking the exposed cartilage in an already arthritic knee. This, along with krill and fish oil, glucosamine and boswellia, should all be taken if you have knee pain.

If you have any specific questions about your knee pain, contact Dr. Kawa at or call for an appointment to get your knees examined along with your feet, pelvis and hips. Call today at (732) 920-8844.


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