Ear Infections in Brick

Ear Infections in Brick NJ

Middle ear infections continue to be one of the most common ailments affecting children. But unfortunately, modern medicine has not advanced in it’s quest to help. Instead of looking for the reasons why so many children get chronic ear infections, medical doctors are still just handing out antibiotic prescriptions by the millions.

Unfortunately, as the latest study shows, most children do not do well on a course of antibiotics. Research from the Cochrane Review, the latest synopsis of research on the subject, shows antibiotics only offer some children, usually those under two, with any benefit. However, ALL children who take antibiotics for any reason, even if they temporarily feel better, will experience many serious side-effects.

The downfall of antibiotics

For instance, antibiotics never kill all the “bad” bacteria and the ones that survive make enzymes that make them stronger so that they can become “resistant” to antibiotics. This is why studies also show that once a child takes an antibiotic for an ear infection, they are more likely to get another one…the bacteria are still around; and now they’re stronger!

Furthermore, antibiotics kill many of the “good” bacteria that live in the gut. These important organisms are crucial for our immune systems…another reason kids usually get worse under standard medical care.

Looking for Signs that cause infection
A few chiropractors in Brick NJ such as Dr. Kawa, take care of children, do not “TREAT” ear infections, but instead, they look for signs of malfunction that can be stopping the middle ear from draining appropriately. There are a few main things that can cause fluid to back up into the eustachian tubes causing middle ear infections. These are things that MDs nor antibiotics address. They are…

  • Tight neck muscles compressing the lymph drainage system in the neck backing up mucous into the eustachian tube.
  • Slight mis-alignments or “stuck” vertebrae (usually C1-2) in the neck causing muscle tightness and nerve disturbance.
  • Nerve irritation causing malfunction to the tiny muscles such as the tensor veli palatini that help drain the middle ear.

Dr. Kawa uses carefully controlled, computer assisted adjustments to gently restore motion to a child’s spine to reduce the stress that can be contributing to childhood ear infections. He is an expert at helping children function better so that they can heal and avoid the ravages of drugs. There’s a saying in chiropractic that goes…”The body needs no help, just no interference”. Chiropractic removes the interference to nerves which allows the body to function better.

If you are interested in meeting with Dr. Kawa for an evaluation of chiropractic treatment for ear infections in Brick, NJ please call our office for an appointment at (732) 920-8844 or visit our Contact Us page.


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