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Meet Dr. Christopher Kawa

Experiencing the Many Benefits of Chiropractic

Dr. Christopher Kawa

Dr. Christopher Kawa

Dr. Kawa’s journey to chiropractic started at the age of 15 with a broken leg from playing football for the Brick Dragons. When the cast came off, he noticed he was constantly pulling muscles and just didn’t feel quite right. All that changed after just one visit to the chiropractor. My back pain, hips and legs healed, but I also noticed something miraculous. My breathing changed immediately after my first adjustment.”

As a child, Dr. Kawa battled terrible allergies. Chiropractic care helped his allergies disappear. He got off all allergy medication and felt like an entirely new person!



Helping You Reach Your Optimal Function

Dr. Kawa attended Rutgers University, achieving a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology. He then went on to Life University in Marietta, Georgia, earning his Doctor of Chiropractic. Additionally, he’s a member of the Association of New Jersey Chiropractors.

In the 120 years since chiropractic was discovered, there are still few people who realize that when their spine is misaligned, the delicate nerves that exit the spine become irritated. A whole host of health issues can result. My goal is to help people reach their optimal functional and health potential by correcting spinal misalignments, restoring nerve supply.

Outside of the Office

Dr. Kawa is married to his high school sweetheart and they have three grown children who have been under chiropractic care since the day they were born.  In his spare time, Dr. Kawa enjoys surfing, skiing, boating and playing tennis and golf.

We offer free consultations so that you can find out whether we can help you. Contact us  today to schedule your appointment!

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