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Children’s Wellness

happy smiling children

Children often respond quickly to chiropractic care and seem to prefer our natural approach.

Why adjust a child? Why adjust a newborn? Dr. Kawa is trained in chiropractic adjustments for children and babies – like adults, we want to make sure children are as healthy as they possibly can be.

Think of it like this, during pregnancy a child is in the womb which becomes a compact space, later during birth the endure labor which is also not an easy trip and can be stressful on their tiny bodies. For older children, think of how many times a young child falls while learning to walk or run or falls off a bike while learning to ride.

Its rare for a child to go through their younger years without spinal misalignments which can cause discomfort just like in adults. This misalignment is more likely to effect their immune or respiratory system effecting things such as ear infections, allergies or asthma – it can also effect their immature digestive system causing colic or constipation.

If you are interested in having your child or infant adjusted at our Brick chiropractor call our Discover Chiropractic office at (732) 920-8844 or visit our Contact Us page.

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